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Alvas keraleeyam is an initiative by alvas education foundation (AEF) from past two years to imbibe the rich, diverse cultural heritage of the 'Gods Own Country' Kerela. Kerela is widely known for its traditional exquisite sculptures, music and dance forms. AEF has a majority of 3500 students who hail from Kerela. During this day the entire college was enriched with traditional keralite ambience which includes the famous 'Pookalam' around which 150 artists performed the Thiruvathirakali.

Alvas Keraleeyam 2015 was held on 20th Oct in Nudisiri Vedhike,Vidhyagiri which was witnessed by 10,000 people. Chief guestfor the inaugration was Mr. Chandrashekaran Thikkodi, Malayalm Drama Script writer who is well known for his precious contribution to Malayalam film industry. The guest of honour was Mrs. Lakshmi M Kumaran, General Manager MRPL, Corporation Communication who was accompined by the president of the function Dr. M Mohan Alva, Chairman,AEF. Family and friends of the Kerela origin students were invited for the event.

The highly evolved classical dance forms of kerela like Kathakali and Mohiniattam were performed by our cultural team which was an eyeful to witness. These dance forms is a beautiful blending of color, dance, music, drama and expression. The students from muslim community of kerala performed Duffmuthu and Oppanna. 

The audience additionally witnessed sparkling performances of Margamkali, Chakiyarkuthu, Nadampattu,Panchavadyam, Theyyam, Kolkali. Addition to this, 200 students from AEF performed the famous Shingarimelam. Followed by the cultural events the guests were served with traditional kerala food with 25 different types of cusines.