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MY Parliament 2017

Introduction of MY parliament (Organization)

My Parliament is an organization aiming to bridge the gap between policy makers of today with those of tomorrow. It’s aim is to transform India into a participative democracy and hence it chose to start from the grass root level – the youth of India. Through numerous seminars, workshops, simulated parliamentary debates on bills and policy making and interaction with public authorities, we get enthusiastic youth of today to understand know-how’s of policy making

MY Parliament conducts simulation of Parliamentary Session for so that they too would get actively informed and involved about the Parliamentary Session and the legislation around it.

Campus Parliament (February 13th and 14th)

Campus parliament is an event of 2 days, a simulation of parliamentary discussions by students. The program includes trainings, workshops, meetings, policy dialogue, discussions and parliamentary sessions.

  • Model Youth Parliament experience is one of its kinds where the youth can represent their constituency and get involved in legislative process to understand the nitty-gritty of law-making. This gives them a platform to propose micro and macro solutions to the policy issues that the country faces today and debate constructively around the existing bills.
  • The arguments on the bills, the standing committee meetings, the speeches in the parliament and the act of debating and convincing – these opportunities at the simulation help the participants hone their public leadership skills.
  • The pre-event break-out sessions for each individual groups are conducted in the form of party meetings to facilitate the exchange of ideas and learning through the wisdom of panel discussions. Standing Committee Discussions are organized and chaired by the policy experts from civil society organizations. This gives the delegates a life-time opportunity of working with experts and learning through them in an open forum.

Legislative Bill for the discussion: Surrogacy bill.